Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

We would like to thank the great people at Extreme Makeover Home Edition, ABC, and Lock & Key Productions for giving us the opportunity to help out in the online development for their latest project in Hattiesburg, MS. We wish their team all the best. View pictures from their build here.

Welcome to Mariche

It’s simple.  How much money are you losing in sales or leads because of the way your website looks? People tend to not trust information from sites that are poorly designed if read at all.  We develop websites that engage your audience and make them want to buy, visit, or read your content.

Website Design

We start by researching your target audience, and design around their needs.  You won’t see us putting 10 point font on a website for eyeglasses.  In this process we also integrate your logo and brand into the site to ensure that it flows smoothly.

Website Development

Typically, we will design around a CMS or Content Management System such as WordPress.  This gives you the ability to create, update, and delete your content.  Content is edited in a simple and easy to use editor like using Microsoft Word, so you don’t need to be a computer wiz to understand how to use it.  We also add plugins for analytics (tracking your visitors), SEO or Search Engine Optimization, contact forms and photo galleries.

If you need something more complex than a standard website, we can help.  We are masters of code which is what you don’t see when a webpage is displayed.  Please contact us to explain our experience and if we are a good match for your project.

Hosting Services

We provide safe, secure, and reliable website hosting.  We give you up to 10GB of storage and 20 email accounts along with unlimited bandwidth for $20/month.  However, your first year of hosting with us is completely free.

Technical Jargon

Your next site will be compatible with all popular web browsers including Internet Explorer 6.5+, Firefox 3.1+, Opera 9+,  Google Chrome and Safari 3+.  Your website will meet the compliance for the W3C Markup Validation for HTML and CSS.  This means that search engines like Google can easily crawl your site and the code is neat and clean.

Read more about our services here.