Seven ways to increase your website traffic

You want more visitors to your site.  It’s simple you sell a product or service and want more eyes to see these products and services.  You’ve looked at services like Google Adwords and are shocked that the price per click is so high.  Especially considering that most of these clicks will not result in sales and are people just browsing the web.  The best form of traffic is organic traffic.  That is, traffic that is unsolicited and, even better, FREE.  There are several techniques to improve your organic traffic, increase your ranking on search engines and provide for better longevity than running a campaign on Google.  I’m not saying that running Google Ads from time-to-time is a waste of money.  It’s just hard to swallow that cost if you are a new business online or if the market you compete in has a lot of competition.

  1. Read our previous article on Do It Yourself SEO.  This is an important step to make sure that your site is optimized for search engines and helps your overall organic search ranking.
  2. Leverage social networks. Regardless of what you are selling there is a group of people willing to talk about your products and services somewhere on the internet.  This group of people are influential in your community and have a higher authority on your product than you probably do.  The key is to be where they are and to listen to what they are saying.  Social networks such as twitter, facebook, linkedin, myspace, and digg are large networks which contain your potential customers.  Starting groups, following people, and getting others to interact on your fan page are all ways that people can find your website.
  3. Comment.  There are blogs for nearly every topic imaginable.  Find the key blogs in your area using a Google Blog Search or services like Technorati.  Knowing the key blogs in your area will help you weed out any that are not worth your time in reading.  I suggest you choose around 4-5 blogs to follow or subscribe to their RSS feed.  When you see a post by that author that you enjoy, disagree with, or have any comment on, then comment.  Don’t try plug your product or service, just add to the conversation already in progress.  If you don’t have anything to add to the conversation, then don’t comment.  People can spot spam on comments and they either won’t get approved or simply be ignored.
  4. Sharing.  Let your current visitors or customers share their experience with a friend.  This suggestion is simple yet effective.  If I have a great experience with a product or service I want an outlet to share this experience with someone else who I might think is interested.  This word of mouth marketing takes you out of the picture and puts someones friend as a spokesperson for your product.  There is no better source of marketing for your brand.  For example if you are selling laptops, you could say.  How was your experience with your new laptop?  Would like you to share your experience with a friend?  Customers will become advocates for your product when they feel that the product or service goes well beyond expectations.
  5. Shock them! When someone forwards you a video to view on youtube, most likely it’s a video that is shocking.  Shocking videos, products, or stories are great for going viral.  People love to pass along things they think will shock others.  If you are selling super glue and want to show how well it works try recording a shocking video (like gluing a cat to a tree).
  6. Data mining.  Although not fun, well not as fun as gluing a cat to a tree, data mining is important to increasing your website traffic.  Using services like Google Analytics can show you exactly how customers are getting to your site, and what keywords they used to get there.  Emphasize content that receives the most keywords and downplay content that receives fewer keywords.  If your product page shows all products equally, then try to adjust it so that weight is given to your most common products.  This makes the buying experience better for the majority of users.
  7. Content.  Even in 2010, content is king.  Hire a writer or find a writing service that will provide you will relevant content for your product or service.  It doesn’t matter what your product or service is, people will gravitate towards your site if your content is good.

Well those are my seven ways to increase traffic.  If you have any of your own please leave them in the comments below.  I am interested in hearing how others increase traffic as well.

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  2. Sure your article is informative- and perhaps you are just being funny- suggesting someone glue and cat to a tree to gain attention- well not so funny really! :) How about we glue you to a tree- I bet that would get lots of views too! HAA HAA!

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